Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1st French Foot Artillery Battery Complete

To go with my 1st division of French Infantry for 1815 I have purchased some guns and crew from eBay and once again added some final touches and rebased them for Empire V.

Below is the pic of the guns and crew upon receipt:


The blue was updated with a darker french blue. I use Vellajo Dark Prussian for all by French blues. I also touched up the white belts and straps and added an Olive Green for wooden parts, Gunmetal Grey for metal parts and a Black Oil Wash (same I use for my own undercoating) to tarnish down the brass barrels.

I then added basing and used a different flock this time that matches the table top mat more closely.


All thats left on this 1st division of French is to paint the 2nd Brigade Commander and the Divisional Command stand.

2nd Hand Buildings Purchase

I recently saw someone offloading a bunch of 15mm buildings which I thought would be a good addition to my building collection considering I was having trouble getting started on building some of my own or finding some to purchase that I would be happy with.

They arrived today and I didn't fully realise they were all hand made. They do look good though and I must commend their creator. Some good modelling skills there.

The next step is to work with these to model small areas of farms, chateaus and built up areas that can work together to build villages and towns. They also need to be able to contain troops for modelling defensive positions and some modelling improvements such as fences and hedges and trees to get the right look.

Stay tuned!

Monday, September 19, 2016

15mm Napoleonic French Flag Prototype

Having gathered all the flags I need as image files from all over the internet I cut them all up into individual units and named them and then added them into a Word document where I can resize them very easily.

To begin with I decided upon 13mm high as the flag image per unit is wider than it is high. I then saved the document as a pdf file and printed it on a black and white printer to make sure the size is right.

I cut out the 1st unit flag and added it to the figure but it was way too big to fit.

The images were all resized to 11mm high instead and the file resaved and then reprinted.

This new flag was then applied to the figure with much better results.

The next step was to print the file again in colour and apply them to the figures.

Now I need to finish painting the Brigade Commander and that 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the 1st Corps of French at Waterloo will be complete. Then on to the 2nd Brigade!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

eBay Purchases Out Of Control!

Okay I need to slow down lol

In my efforts to pump out 1 unit per week through either my own painting, eBay purchases or using professional painters, I have been going beserk purchasing French Line, Prussian Line, Prussian Landwehr, British Line and relative artillery from eBay. One particular seller has regular lots listed and for good starting prices. I have a budget set per figure and work to winning those lots under that price.

When you purchase 1 or 2 lots every couple of days you don't realize how many you have leaving your bank account and arriving in your mailbox. So I put them all into a spreadsheet and it turns out I have purchased over 800 infantry, over 100 cavalry and over a dozen guns. Almost half of these have been in the past 2-3 weeks.

So I need to let it be a little and concentrate on basing and upgrading these ones I have. I don't want to repeat the mistakes of my old 6mm collecting where I ended up with over 20,000 figures with a good portion of them not even knowing I had them!

Stay tuned for more eBay units being based and upgraded.

My First 15mm Unit Complete

I finally got my chance to print all my flags out and finish my 1st battalion of French Line for 1815.

Its been painted and based for around a month now but was missing its flag.

Here it is totally complete and ready to take the field.

Now onto flagging more units ready to go and to continue work on my 1st French Division.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2nd Hand Purchases 19 July 2016

A huge 2nd hand purchase of Moderns arrived today from a sale off facebook.

I picked out a few items I wanted but then the owner added a whole bunch of freebies and also offered some additional stuff I could not say no to.

Add this to my collections and I now officially have way more 20mm Moderns than I will ever need. lol

Monday, July 18, 2016

Book Purchases 18 July 2016

A couple of books I purchased 2nd hand arrived today.

Funken which I have always known about and seen but never actually owned myself. So when I saw them on a facebook page I had to have them.

And another book on 1809:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Upgrading eBay 15mm Napoleonic Purchases

So I can only paint so fast and in fact I am a little bored of it already.

To supplement my painting regime I will take on 2 professional painters to paint for me a unit or 2 each month. I had found 2 painters but one removed himself when I stressed I wanted a result similar to my painting style so the units fit together well. Another I will be sending a single French Line Infantry figure to tomorrow to see how his style suits.

To fill the 2nd position I have decided to negotiate a regular set of figures from an eBay seller I purchased from when I began collecting a few weeks ago. I purchased a number of French Line, French Light, English Line and Prussian Line and Landwehr infantry along with some Artillery and most of the time I was able to win them for less than $2 a figure which is the benchmark I use for those sales. The painting quality is not quite there and the figure quality is not quite there but with a little touch up I think they can quickly and cheaply fill my ranks.

Below is a pic of the sale I won on eBay:

These figures come already based and ready to go so I had to sit them in water for a few days and with a knife scrape all the basing material off and cut the figure from the stand.

Some stands of cavalry wading in the water for a few days

I then rearranged them from 1 unit of 24 into 2 units of 12 although I needed to add in a 2nd flag bearer to make it work from my own collection.

These were then based to my new 15mm Empire V basing on mounting card and magnet and then painted and flocked. See my basing tutorial here.

Close up on the painting and figure quality

Once that was settled I then went about upgrading the paint jobs by applying a darker blue - I prefer Vallejo's Dark Prussian Blue for French troops, yellow to Voltigeur plumes, a medium blue to the flag pole and company colours to the pom poms. I could go further but I fear I would end up repainting the entire figure and thus lose the benefit of these purchases.

eBay Line Grenadiers on the left and my Eureka Grenadiers on the right. Note the darker blue on mine.

eBay Voltigeurs after my blue on the left and before my blue on the right. 

The two eBay units on the left and the 2 Eureka units I painted on the right. The mounted Brigade Commander on the far right is all based but not painted as yet.

Now on to the flags.

Friday, July 1, 2016

New Books 1 July 2016

A couple of books I ordered from Ken Trottman books arrived today.

They are both for periods I am not yet focussed on but will be invaluable when the time comes.

Monday, June 20, 2016

My 1st 15mm Unit Based

24hrs after finishing the painting of my 1st 15mm unit and applying the Vallejo Matt Varnish, I move on to basing them.

The 12 figure battalion all dry and ready for basing.

6 x company sized bases for Empire V. I use mounting board from an art store glued to magnets. The magnets I use are L and P driving plates from the local $2 store but sometimes I collect fridge magnets from local businesses as well. If I still cant find them then craft stores have magnetic sheets.

Figures glued into their companies.

I then use a modelling paste from an art store to build up the base a little

Bases built up a little 

A medium to dark green is added

And then the flock. Using a Galeforce 9 pack I got from a local game store years ago.

The Galeforce 9 flock

The final unit in attack column. Just need to add the pom pom company colours and the flag.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Painting Eureka 15mm/18mm Napoleonic French Infantry - My First 15mm

The first part of my new 15mm Napoleonics project is to paint up a battalion of 12 figures for 1815 French Line as I am most familiar with their uniforms.

This battalion is from Eureka and consists of 2 x Line Grenadiers, 2 x Voltigeurs and 8 x Fusiliers including an Officer and a Flag Bearer.

All paints used were from Vellejo and I use brushes 0 and 20/0 with pointy tips.

All figures were mounted on gold tees and painted with a dark oil wash which I use as a primer. This really highlights the detail for me to paint.

Use a medium brown to block paint all the flesh areas on the face, back of neck, hair and hands and the backpack and musket wood (I forgot those but did them later)

Use a darker blue to paint the jacket up to but not right on the raised areas which need to be white (ie the lapels in the centre and the cuffs and the straps). The idea is leave small lines between coloured areas which due to the oil primer appear as shadows.
Use white to carefully paint pants (stop before the jacket and leave a small unpainted line) and all the raised areas of the jacket in the centre, the straps, cuffs and musket strap. Paint them all as separate areas and carefully stop just before the edges of those areas. At this point paint ant straps you can see such as those for the sword and those on the blanket roll. I forgot these and doing it later is a lot harder to do. This took me a few coats as I use Vellajo and it seems to be quick tranparent and quick drying for me here in Queensland Australia.

Use black for the shako, boots, sword sheath and ammo pouch on the back
Use flesh to highlight the flesh areas applying paint to the nose, chin and cheeks and then outside of hand and try to get each finger separately leaving the darker colour in between the fingers if you can.

Use a medium grey for the blanket roll and gaiters on the boots

Apply a bright red which for this figure being a grenadier means the collars, shoulder nests, cuffs up to before the edge of the white, the shako top ring and the plume. I accidentally painted the turnbacks red when they should be white but this is corrected later.

At this point I can finish the figure by going back over the blue with the final blue I want but stopping short of but not at the cuffs. Just really the topsides and visual points of the arms only.
Use leather or wood wash for the backpack and musket stock.
Apply silver to musket and bayonet and ammo pouch badge and sword handle
Use white for straps on backpack
I used a khaki for the waterbottle but it turns out it should be a dull yellow.
Finally use gold or brass for shako badge and using a fine point brush see if you can add 2 buttons to each cuff and some buttons to either side of the white jacket centre.

Stay tuned for a following post getting them based and adding a flag and labels.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

15mm AB, Eureka and CGN Napoleonics Comparison

As promised in my June update, here is a comparison of 15mm Napoleonics from AB, Eureka and Campaign Game Miniatures (CGM).

AB Prussian Infantry | Eureka French Infantry | CGM French Infantry

I found them to be in that same order in terms of quality and pose.

The AB are great with a great proportion and posturing and nice clean detail that really pops out once you prime the figure to paint. At $1.05 each they are the most expensive.

AB Prussian Infantry

AB Prussian Infantry

1815 is a gap in the AB offering and luckily Eureka Miniatures steps in with a few 18mm lines to compliment the AB range. My little 1815 French infantryman is just as good. And a little cheaper at $0.88 each!

Eureka French Infantry

Eureka French Infantry

Finally I tried a fairly new company from Spain called CGM. Research shows they have a good quality line and so I ordered a brigade of French infantry. (I meant to order British to round out my orders but somehow got sidetracked). Not as happy with these. Posture is strange for me as he almost looks like hes swayed to the side to let one off lol. The greatcoat/bedroll looks a little small as well. Still a fairly clean cast but the detail doesn't pop out with a primer like it does with AB and Eureka. I may not order more of these. Around $0.60 each.

CGM French Infantry

CGM French Infantry

Now off to paint them all :-/